Your Guide to Fully Comprehensive Car Insurance

Your Guide to Fully Comprehensive Car Insurance

When you are looking into signing up for a new motor insurance policy, you will be offered different ranges of cover, coming from the most expensive to the least expensive. The most thorough type of motor insurance cover that you can take out is comprehensive insurance. Comprehensive insurance will cover most incidents, and is also an extendable type of policy that allow you to add extras onto your policy that you feel you would need which are not automatically included.

Most insurance companies’ comprehensive cover will include protection against theft, damages caused by attempted theft, collisions, third party liability, towing costs, storage costs of your vehicle whilst it is damaged, car hire and fire and explosion cover. You can also get added extras on your comprehensive policy, such as medical and injuries insurance, and also protection against acts of Mother Nature; such as flooding or hitting an animal.

It is important to bear in mind, however, that insurance companies differ. What one motor insurance company includes in its comprehensive cover package, may not be the same as another insurance company’s coverage. Furthermore, you may have to pay extra for some types of cover that are added onto your policy. This is why it is important to obtain some comparative quotes before you make your insurance decision. That way you can tell which company will be offering you more for the comprehensive coverage package than another.

If you buy your vehicle with finance through the bank, comprehensive insurance will usually be compulsory. This is the bank’s way of protecting the money that they have loaned out to you. It is also very important to get comprehensive insurance if you drive a more expensive, or luxury, vehicle. These vehicles will usually cost a lot more to repair or replace if something is damaged. Motor vehicles used primarily for business need to have business motor insurance in place.

If your vehicle is extremely old, then you needn’t worry about comprehensive insurance. If the amount of money you would be paying on a comprehensive policy is not viable for the value of your old motor car, then you should probably just take out third party insurance. Remember that the excess that you would need to pay out may be far more expensive than actually repairing the vehicle yourself!

In conclusion, bear in mind that even if you cannot afford comprehensive insurance, third party insurance is better than no insurance at all. The cost of the repairs to a motor vehicle or the replacement of a vehicle can wreck you financially. It is important to have the protective measures in place should anything happen. Once again, remember to shop around for some quotes before you make your final decision. You need to decide what would be the best option for you. If it is possible, do some research on the topic of car insurance so that you know what you are getting yourself into. Find out what is normal with regards to the cost of comprehensive insurance, and find out what insurance companies your family and friends are using that they trust.

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