Ford Focus-To Work-To Race-To Do Even More

Purchasing a performance car is beneficial. Not only can the driver enjoy its rugged power and performance, he can also take advantage of its capacity and endurance. Some performance car aficionados describe it as getting the best of two worlds.

However, when it comes to driving the car on public roads, it may seem constricting. The fact is there is no safe way to open it up. Racers and drivers alike wanted to express their passion and to some extent outrage, to drive fast and enraged. Good thing there is now a place to race safely and legally – no worries about speedometer and odometer yelling your reading.

Earlier, Ford Racing Performance Group (FRPG) has ventured with the National Auto Sports Association (NASA) to create the much-concluded Ford Focus Spec racing class. Among the regions that participated in said racing class include Arizona, northern California, southern California, Mid-Atlantic, Northeast, Florida, Ohio-Indiana, Southeast, Midwest, Texas, and Rocky Mountain.

“The Focus Spec class is designed to showcase Focus performance parts and to provide an entry-level competitive racing environment that is affordable,” said FRPG Focus Program Manager Andy Slankard. “I was the program manager on the 2002 SVT Focus. Since our first prototypes on the program, the racers on our team always wished we could have 20 SVT Foci on the track at the same time. Now that can happen. Focus is very fun and forgiving to drive at the limit.”

For four years in a row, Focus won Car and Driver’s 10 Best awards. The award is attributed to vehicle’s world-class dynamics, sophisticated Ford Focus performance parts, and fun to drive nature. The automaker reported over 2 million Focus sales in the United States. From this number, plenty are used in racing competitions.

The mentioned class is open to all trim levels and model years of Ford Focus including the SVT Focus and 2.3-liter engine equipped vehicles. The race series of the car is designed to highlight the high-performance potential behind the Ford Focus platform. This is basically because car performance parts of the vehicle are modified when it is to be used for racing purposes. Performance parts include suspension, brakes, engine, tires and wheels.

Slankard also noted that Focus race cars are very durable and easy to drive at the limit. “The competition has been very close – fender to fender – and drivers with skill are prevailing. It will take a while to gain some traction, but the series is growing.”

“We wanted to be involved in Focus motorsports at the racer’s level, similar to what we had accomplished with the FR500C,” said Jamie Allison, Ford Racing Performance Group manager. “NASA was able to provide us the ideal venue to showcase the inherent racing capability of the Focus and allow us to showcase performance parts offerings.”

The Ford Focus is ready to race prices ranges from $6,000 to $10,000. Parts allowances and restrictions equalize the field based on different model combinations. After experiencing Focus, enthusiasts are now recommending it to get the best out of auto industries varied worlds.

Pungky Dwiasmoro Hiswardhani

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