Tune and Modify Nitro RC Racing Engines

Tune and Modify Nitro RC Racing Engines

Even if you’ve got no experience tuning RC Nitro Engines you can learn how to build an awesome RC Engine. Using an awesome comprehensive tuning software, you will instantly learn how to tune, modify & build engines that will “Dominate the Competition” in any segment of nitro RC Racing.

History of the Engine Analysis Software Development:

During the late 1980’s, a group of rc boat modelers, who were also engineers, started talking about the possibility of making a tool to accurately measure and document RC Engines. Was it possible to get rid of the inaccurate degree wheel?

Could they convert measurements into useful data, then apply the results to their engines?

They found that there were many complex formulas involved in solving these problems. After several years of development and refinement of the first Engine Analysis Software, the group developed the Engine Analysis Software. They used it continually and found it indispensable. Performance of the engines of this group increased to the point, that they were dominating National Model Competitions.

The group decided that this Software was too important to the RC Modeling Community to keep to themselves. A few copies of the software were provided to some of the top rc engine builders and tuners across the country. THEY LOVED IT and used it every day in their engine building businesses.

The software development group decided to offer it for sale to competitors on a very limited basis. People from across the World got wind of the availability and the pressure was on to make it available to everyone. Engine Manufacturers began using it in their R & D Labs. Engine Tuners started using it in their everyday engine modification businesses. “Super Serious RC Competitors” started using it to build and tune their personal engines.

The program is now used by Serious RC Competitors in Boats, Planes, Cars, and all other forms of Nitro RC Racing and Competition.

The Engine Analysis Software will allow you to tune and refine Nitro Engines quickly and accurately. The Engine Analysis Software will allow you to UNDERSTAND RC Nitro Engines. Have an awesome engine – duplicate it easily. You will be able to produce engines that will “SUPER PERFORM”. Get a FREE Database of dyno and race proven SUPER ENGINES.

Do you race a Nitro On Road Car, Dune Buggy, RC Truck, RC Nitro Boat, High Performance Airplane or Helicopter?

Get the Software the Pro’s Use…

Competitors who are REALLY fast, in all forms of RC Racing, are the ones who understand HOW to build and tune a top performing engine.

o Have you noticed: “The Engine Guru’s talk in a language that the average RC Competitor doesn’t understand”

o How can these people be getting such AMAZING performance?

o Can I produce an engine which will perform as well as theirs?

o Answer: ABSOLUTELY !!!

Even if you don’t own a lot of sophisticated tools and equipment, you can easily produce great engines for your use. The Engine Analysis Software makes the process, possible and easy !

Tuning an engine using good fit, good time/area relationships and correct compression ratios is not difficult now!

Learning the procedures to build a top performing engine are EASY, using The Engine Analysis Software.

What are the chances of the average modeler “stumbling onto” the secrets of building a top performing engine, without The Engine Analysis Software?


The Engine Analysis Software includes many useful sections including:

– Calculation of Compression Ratios in Two Methods

– Conversion of Simple Measurements into Degrees of Duration

– Head Manufacturing Module

– Carb Sizing Module

– Time/Area Study Section

– Maximum Rod Angle Output

– Blow Down Degree Output

– Squish Velocity Calculations

– Open & Closing Points for Rotor or Crank Induction

– Tuned Pipe Builder


All outputs are automatically generated, after inputting, a few specific engine measurements.

You will immediately discover that small changes made using the Engine Analysis Software will yield HUGE performance increases.

Many years of development have gone into this Software and I have decided that in order to make it available to the most number of hobbyists, I need to place a very reasonable price on the software. I decided to offer this software at a price that any serious competitor can afford. I know that this is a very special deal which will transform your hobby. If you’re still not 100{27e8b423779a20fcbf3b0e5b78622daa9462ccff634cf59ab338bb6c41129d17} sure that this software is critical for you, please contact me directly for specific questions. I am positive that you will look back and say that this was the best investment that you EVER MADE in your rc hobby.

Before the EAP was developed it was degree wheels, calipers and a lot of guessing and no two people who came to my shop could get the same numbers out of the same engine. Even I could not do this. Once we had that data it was only a guess as to what you were going to do or had done to the engine. Compression ratio’s were non existent. Make a head button and you were still clue-less as to what you had. Once they got this program up and running we could load engines until we were blue in the face and then make any changes we wanted in the computer and then watch compression ratio’s etc change and then machine he parts and reload the data until we had what we thought we wanted. Now we could go racing and know what we had and then repeat that engine build one slightly different and see the results immediately. I have loaded literally thousands of engines in this program and when an engine comes in to my shop I can pull up the data on all of those that I have done and build a like engine in no time duplicating the data from a good one. You can’t build an engine without this is all I can say. You have no reliable repeatable data

Avoid being an “Average RC Racer”. Move your level of competition up to the top tier and enjoy your hobby even more.

If you take this first step towards moving to the front of the pack, you will enjoy your RC Hobby to the level that you deserve.

Pungky Dwiasmoro Hiswardhani

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