Evo Intake – The 3 Things Every Evo Enthusiast Needs to Know

Don’t know which intake is the best for your Evo? How much power gains to expect or which intake to go for short ram or long? The whole car is built for performance and I’m going to help you extract that power from your engine. Today you’ll know exactly what you need to do in improve your Evo’s performance on your car. To improve the power of your car it’s all about making bigger Explosions under the hood. First I will cover the basics on how an Evo intake actually works.

How an Evo Intake actually works?

A cold air intake does exactly what it says “intakes cold air”. The more air into an engine the stronger the explosions and More Power to the tires. The current pipe on the Evo is OK but you can do better. You want a larger pipe so get even more air to the engine. The whole Idea is to get more Cold (dense) air into the engine. And we accomplish that in through 2 different ways… through short or long ram intake.

Short Ram Intake- What kinda power to expect.

Typically Evo’s work with short ram intakes. Short rams widens the straw of air going to your engine. It gets the cold air from in front of the car. You can expect power gains from low revs around 2,000 to red line. You feel that power in short distances and great for cars that would do allot of turning and fast acceleration starting from low rpm. Depending on the mod’s on your car you can expect 4-8 add power. Brands people recommend are the common AEM which can get you up to 12 hp and Injen which can get you up to 15 hp depending on your cars current modifications of course.

Long Ram Intake- What kinda of power to expect.

This is actually the maximum power gain you can get. This pipe is of course longer and runs to the bottom of the car and scoops that cold air up and delivers even more air to the engine. from stock you looking at up to 12 hp with no additional mods. Although you might not find too many off this type for an Evo X or early models like 03’s. The acceleration is a bit slower up the rpm but it gives more power. Brands for this are AEM and Injen as well. Not to shun you away from getting long ram intakes but for an Evo short ram just makes more sense because of the nature of the car being a very short point to point, stop and go kind of car.

Which Brands are the best?

AEM seems to be the most trusted out there, but so far as intakes are concerned I hear mix reviews with Injen and AEM. Some people have seen 6 more hp gain from Injen then AEM. Injen comes with a splash guard which come in handle, but AEM comes with a blow valve. Hm in all honesty it really doesn’t matter. Your going to see power gains with either one. But I recommend one of these brands based on user reviews.


In this we covered what an intake does and how it works.. Basically you get more cold air into your engine you get more power to your car. We discussed the differences and why short ram makes more sense for an Evo. To expect anywhere from 4 to 15 hp gains depending on your current modifications on your Evo. The brands AEM and Injen are proven the best by customer reviews.


Pungky Dwiasmoro Hiswardhani

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