Why Driving Lessons Are Very Important?

When driving on the road it is very crucial to focus your attention on where you are going. As what you have heard on the radio, watch on T.V. and read on the news papers that car accidents on the road happens all the time. Have you asked yourself? What do you think the reasons, why there are a lot of car accidents? Is it because of nature? Haunted roads? What do you think?

Every year the number of car accidents keeps on increasing dramatically. We should do something with this tragic event. We should do something that might lessen the number of car accidents. This loss is very painful both in physical and emotional aspects. Not only that, a lot of victims suffers in this tragic moment. There are some that might become orphan, loss their hands or some parts of their body because of this misfortune. Some might be traumatized and will consider this tragic event as the worst nightmare in their entire life. Others might think that this is just a test of faith. Others might think that it happens for a reason. What I think is, yes, there is a big possibility that this tragic event happens for a reason or just a test of faith. However, we can’t afford to ignore this tragedy. I think that this happens because of negligent and a lot will suffer. There are a lot of ways to avoid or to lessen this sad and very painful tragedy. I can give a lot of examples on how to lessen car accidents.

One thing that I can think of to lessen this tragic event is to take a course at Driving Lessons Stevenage and pass their driving exam. Through driving lessons, a lot can benefit in this learning. Not only that it will lessen the number of car accidents, but it can help to boost the knowledge of a person on driving a car. There a lot of signs and symbols on the road that the student (Referring to the driver who wants to learn more about driving cars.) will learn during driving lessons. Having driving lessons will equip you with more than enough knowledge to pass the driving exam. You need to pass the driving exam to have a driver’s license before driving a car. If you don’t have driver’s license that only means, that you don’t have the authority vested by the country to drive a car. If you will ignore this law, you are violating it and if any accident happens then you will be liable for all of your actions. You will be imprisoned and all of the victims that suffer in your actions will blame you. It is best and advised that when driving a car obey the law, so that car accidents will be lessen.

Pungky Dwiasmoro Hiswardhani

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