Pimp Your Ride with HHO Gas – HHO Gas Car Modification

Pimp Your Ride with HHO Gas – HHO Gas Car Modification

The constant rise of oil price forces people to come up with new creative ways of saving gas. Some will start using public transportation which unfortunately is not always an option. Others will sell the car they love so much and buy an ugly hybrid, usually priced at over $15 000.

There is another category of people who will use a simple and inexpensive HHO gas car modification on order to increase their gas mileage by up to 100{27e8b423779a20fcbf3b0e5b78622daa9462ccff634cf59ab338bb6c41129d17} – yes, DOUBLE their car’s gas mileage.

Recently FOX News broadcasted a video report revealing how an American inventor converted his car to use water and gas as fuel. A simple kit installed under the hood of his old car converts tap water into a high flammable HHO gas, also called Brown’s gas.

“Such kit costs under a hundred bucks to build, save gas, reduces pollution and is totally safe” – claims the inventor. Similar conversion kits have been popping up not only all over the United States but also the rest of the world.

Thousands of drivers and car enthusiast chose the HHO gas car conversion kit for many obvious reasons:

  • It increases gas mileage by at least 40{27e8b423779a20fcbf3b0e5b78622daa9462ccff634cf59ab338bb6c41129d17}, in certain cases a 100{27e8b423779a20fcbf3b0e5b78622daa9462ccff634cf59ab338bb6c41129d17} increase has been recorded
  • It boosts up the engine’s power giving you some extra horse power
  • It cleans out the carbon deposit in the engine
  • It prolongs the engine’s life by reducing the typical wear and tear of its elements which results in a quieter and smoother functioning of the engine.
  • It reduces the exhaust emission – less pollution.

The HHO gas car modification kits are easy to build and to install. They do not require any modifications of the engine or the car’s computer. When removed, they are completely untraceable. Features such as low cost and high effectiveness make this invention very popular.

Pungky Dwiasmoro Hiswardhani

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