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James Bond may have the looks and the moves, but let’s admit it. He’ll never be as suave as he is without those James Bond vehicles he’s sporting. See Bond’s cars emit tear gas, run faster than a cheetah and disappear before your eyes. I’m telling you, a weapon of mass destruction hides behind those sleek and amazing machines he’s driving.

We’ve seen a wide foray of James Bond vehicles with which to foil his enemies throughout the series. Just like his watches and cunning gadgets, his cars function more than just a vehicle to get from point A to B. These vehicles are equipped with modifications like weapon system, alternate transportation modes, and even the ability to go invisible! With seamless technology in his vehicles, it is no wonder that James Bond is able to survive the harshest explosives, dodge the fastest bullets, and still look like he’s up for another martini.

To quench your growing curiosity about these four-wheeled beauties, here is a list of some of the James Bond vehicles that made our jaws drop.

Aston Martin DBS V12 (Featured in Casino Royale, 2006)

This is the personification of classic and beauty in four wheels mode. The Aston Martin DBS V12 might not have the hoots and whistles like an adaptive camouflage or anything as fancy as that, but its features are just enough to stop the villain from hoarding more money and eventually causing more worldly troubles. Aston comes with items such as a defibrillator and anti-poison/chemical combi-pens. These add-ons truly made Bond’s life easier in his conquest to save the world.

Aston Martin V12 Vanquish (featured in Die Another Day)

This car doesn’t only bridge the gap between the road and tracks. Staying true to its signature innovativeness and sleek design, this Aston plays tricks on your eyes with its awesome additional option, Adaptive Camouflage (the what?). In simpler and less complicated English, it just means that this beauty can literally disappear before your very eyes. Without magic or frills, the Aston Martin V12 Vanquish uses “tiny cameras on all sides to project the image they see onto a light emitting polymer skin on the opposite side”. Once again, in plain and less complicated English, the technology of the car makes it invisible to the naked eye.

It’s beautiful and dandy, but the car also has deadly tricks behind its front-grille. Armed with a bevy of other cool gadgets, the Aston Martin V12 Vanquish also boasts of missiles, machine guns, spiked tires, and target-seeking shotguns. When all these are not enough to send to destroy the enemies, James Bond could always use the car’s customary ejector seat. Real sleek, isn’t it?

BMW 75Oil (featured in Tomorrow Never Dies)

BMW is the car of the elites, but through the magic and genius of Branch Q, this baby has been transformed from luxurious to deadly. It contains a surprising number of modifications including bullet-proof windows and body, tear gas features emitted from the sides of the car, mini-missiles coming out of its sunroof, metal spike dispensers in the rear, re-inflatable tires, and lethal grenades (whew). Being a true James Bond vehicle, the BMW 75Oil can be accessed only by Bond himself through his high-end mobile phone. If anyone else dares to lay a finger on its door handles, this BMW can deliver strong electric shocks enough to make anyone pass out. This is one touchy car.


We first caught sight of this pimped James Bond vehicle in The World is Not Enough. This remote-controlled car is equipped with missiles and a set of weaponry that become really handy when James Bond had to destroy one of the helicopters in the film. The BMW Z8 is absolutely a mammoth of a vehicle.

We’ve seen Bond steer, ride and strut these high tech vehicles. With the release of his next flick, Quantum of Solace, more James Bond vehicles are sure to grace the screen. After all, a James Bond film is not complete without some roaring machines.

Pungky Dwiasmoro Hiswardhani

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