Pimp Your Ride With Car Tune Ups

Pimp Your Ride With Car Tune Ups

Cars have provided us with the opportunity to travel and cross borders. They have made our daily activities considerably easier. Cars, however, have evolved to be more than just simple means of transportation. They have become a part of our lifestyle. Our contentment of just having an easier mode to get to another place has become meager, almost insignificant. We now want our vehicles to run faster, last longer and perform better. With such a massive demand, ways have been created, tested and proven to boost the car’s performance to its maximum. One of such ways are tune-ups.

Being machines, cars need a consistent maintenance to ensure its proper functionality. Tune-ups give cars an opportunity of a regular inspection and modification. Car tuning provides the car the upgrade for better speed and power. Certain characteristics of the car will be modified to intensify its usage and versatility. Car owners and mechanics sometimes go to an extreme way of modification that tuning their cars up would result to an unidentifiable car as compared to the original one.

Computers have taken over the control of car engines in the advent of electric ignition and fuel injection. These have become the latest ways of powering up a vehicle. In this kind of tune up, the car’s engine can be retrofitted with a kind of chip that supplies an added boost. It can give the regular engine as much as 10{27e8b423779a20fcbf3b0e5b78622daa9462ccff634cf59ab338bb6c41129d17} better speed and power. However, a common tune up can still be done to certain parts of the car. It would involve replacing or cleaning of spark plugs, replacing of air filters, fuel filters, PCV valve, oxygen sensor, distribution cap and rotor. All these parts can be replaced with better performing parts that will surely improve the car’s normal performance.

The car’s spark plugs are need to be removed and replaced at approximately every 3,000 miles. Along with the spark plugs are the spark plug wire sets that also need to be inspected frequently. With the creation of electronic ignition, however, spark plugs have become the least of a car’s problems. The distributor cap and rotor are vulnerable to faster deterioration as they are both just made of plastic. These parts, then, should be replaced to reduce damage and prevent excessive abuse. Other maintenance parts such as the temperature sensors, vacuum hoses and automatic transmission filters can also be replaced in order to achieve the car’s optimum level of usage.

Furthermore, car owners still have the liberty of personally modifying their cars. Those who prefer faster cars could opt to upgrade into a turbo engine and boost more with nitrogen. The audio system is also for elevation as a wide array of speakers and subwoofers are available. The lighting and automation of the car can also be modified to fit the car owner’s preference.

With such vast ways of modification, the possibility of creating faster and better cars is endless. Moreover, the proper and regular maintenance of car through even a simple fine tuning will help in ensuring the excellent performance of the car with added longevity.

Pungky Dwiasmoro Hiswardhani

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