Muscle Cars – The Corner Stone of American Performance

Way back in the 1960’s the big three decided that they need a way to create more interest in their car, and with it more sales, so they came up with the idea for a competition between them, this competition would spawn what became lovingly known as the muscle car.

I realize that this article is a little off base for my blog, but it does have a purpose, the articles that I write are written to create an inters in muscle cars, and the restoration of them, so it’s necessary to do a little history every once in a while.

With that said I’m going to take you back to 1964, the year of the muscle car, and Pontiac would be the first true player, enter John Delorian would create a car called the GTO, John went to Pontiac with his idea, they told him that it would never fly, if you know muscle cars at all, you know that’s not true.

The GTO took off and really gave Pontiac the edge in the muscle car wars of the 1960’s, the GTO just launched like a rocket in to the ionosphere of the muscle car world, it gave Pontiac a true platform to work off of, not to mention it’s great styling, and good looks.

In 1965 Ford would enter the game when they put the first V8 in to their Mustang, this would launch their bids in the muscle car wars of the 1060’s, not to mention the sales that it would create, the Mustang became the most sold muscle car of all times.

The story goes on with Chevrolet releasing the Camaro in 1967, a car that would quite literally change the face of Chevrolet, the Camaro it’s own persona, not a modified version of another Chevrolet with different sheet metal.

It was a whole new idea, and it was meant to be a legend in the Chevrolet hall of fame, a long with a few other cars, like the Chevelle, the Nova, and the Corvette of course, the Camaro made a real name for it’s self, a name that still stands to this day, and is my favorite muscle car ever built.

A lot of things can be said about the American muscle car, but the one thing that can never be denied is that the muscle car built a loyal following of gear heads, people that would love their cars, and would do whatever they could to show that love.

Pungky Dwiasmoro Hiswardhani

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