How to Get the Best Rates on Car Insurance in Mississippi

Since it’s the law that you must have car insurance in Mississippi, nearly everyone has been asking how to get the best rates on auto coverage in Mississippi. Fortunately there are several very specific things almost every single driver can do which will lower the cost of their premium.

Garage your car at night. Did you know that parking your car in a garage at night saves you money every month?

If you are married did you know that listing the wife as the primary driver and the husband as the secondary driver will save you money month after month?

Did you know that paying your auto premium automatically out of your checking or savings account each month will save you money?

Did you know that if you drive less you can save money? It’s true. Many people are now turning to public transportation for the majority of their “driving” needs, and leaving their cars parked at home. If you can reduce your driving to below 500 miles each month you may qualify for a rather substantial Low Mileage Discount.

Did you know that carpooling to work not only saves you money on gas, and not only saves wear and tear on your vehicle, and not only helps the environment – but it will also save you a ton of money on your car insurance every month? It’s true. Let your agent know that you are only driving half the number of miles to work and back each month and you’ll see an immediate savings on your premium.

If you retire from work let your agent know and you will also get a huge discount.

Don’t insure older cars for collision and comprehensive. If your vehicle has little or no Kelly Blue Book value then you are wasting your money if you pay for collision or comprehensive.

See if you can find group car insurance. Often your place of employment will offer its workers low cost group policy, but if that isn’t the case start asking around at any clubs or organizations or associations or groups that you belong to. You may be surprised at the groups and clubs that make low cost group aut6o coverage available to their members.

If you don’t belong to any clubs or associations that offer their members group car insurance, maybe one of your relatives or friends does. If so, ask if you can join.

Keep your driving record clean. If you have speeding tickets or other moving violations on your driving record you may not be offered the best rates for your policy. If you have a DUI or a DWI you definitely won’t be offered the best rates for a minimum of 3 years.

How large of a deductible can you afford to pay? The larger your deductible the lower your monthly premium payment – but don’t go overboard and agree to pay a larger deductible than you can actually afford to pay. Use your common sense.

If you buy your policy over the internet you’ll save money every single month. If you really want to save money when you buy your policy online then you won’t rely on just one of the price comparison websites. Instead you’ll fill out the form on 3 different sites.

You’ll also be very careful to input the same answers to every question on all 3 forms. This is the only way that you will actually be comparing anything and by answering the questions the same way each time you will insure that you save the most money.

Now just pick the lowest price that you find. Hopefully you will be pleasantly surprised and now you know just how to get the best rates on car insurance in Mississippi and save money month after month.

Pungky Dwiasmoro Hiswardhani

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