For Car Rental Malaga Airport Improves Your Holiday Experience

When you need car rental Malaga airport can likely offer you as a good a deal as you will get anywhere due to the competition available at this airport. When on holiday in Malaga on the Costa del Sol you will need a car because of the number of tourist destinations and places of interest both along the coast and inland. Without a car your holiday will not be as good as it could have been because the public transport here is no way to travel on vacation.

Most people visiting Malaga use it as a base to visit other parts of this sunny part of south-east Spain, and a car is absolutely essential. Sure, you can use other means of transport, but buses can take an age and trains can be expensive, and you can’t beat the freedom of a car, and when you are considering car rental Malaga Airport is likely the best place to start.

However, one piece of advice: don’t wait until you get to the airport to book your car. This is a very popular tourist destination, and you are liable to find all the best cars gone – and possibly all the cheap car hires gone as well. Make sure you book your car in advance, and preferably once you have had your hotel booking confirmed.

Malaga car hire is not always easy to arrange at the destination, and it is better to arrange the type of advanced car rental Malaga Airport hire firms can offer you, where the car is waiting for you when you arrive, either at a prearranged pick-up point that you will be informed of when you book, or it may be ready for you at Arrivals.

Why is a car recommended at Malaga? Mainly because Malaga and the surrounding district has so much to offer. Torremolinos is 9 miles down the coast and Marbella 21 miles further on. Most people would like to visit these resorts while based in Malaga, and then there is the beautiful unspoiled Nerja 33 miles up the coast that most tourists try to visit. The Nerja caves are famous the world over, and these are a must if you are visiting the Costa del Sol.

However, Malaga itself has a great deal more to offer you, and this is where Pablo Picasso was born. The city contains one of the three most famous Picasso Museums in the world, and no visit to Malaga would be complete without including a visit to the Picasso Museum on your itinerary. You should also visit the 1st century Roman amphitheater that has been carefully preserved below La Alcazaba, an 11th century Moorish fortress build on the foundations of a Roman garrison. As would be expected, the garrison is of the same period as the amphitheater.

Another Moorish influence is the ancient Moorish mosque, on top of which the Malaga cathedral was built. The cathedral is must for any visitor to Malaga, and the city has a lot more for the tourist to this part of Spain. However, another major reason why you should arrange car rental at Malaga Airport is the beautiful Guadalhorce valley, and also the various traditional villages in the Axarquia province that are completely unspoiled.

You will find some magnificent scenery along the Guadalhorce river, such as the gorge of Los Gaitanes and the mountains of Malaga. You definitely need a car to appreciate this wonderful scenery, and also the lovely villages that have retained all of their old world rural charm. You can enjoy a wide variety of sports here such as paragliding, trekking and climbing, or just enjoy the wonders that nature offers. I think it one of the most beautiful parts of the world.

The road network around Malaga is very well set out, and most of these places cannot be visited any other way. However, since it is necessary that you have a car to fully enjoy your holiday around this region, it is important that you understand the traffic and driving laws in Spain. Just as in your own country, ignorance of the law is no excuse for breaking it, so read up about what is expected of Spanish drivers apart from driving on the right.

Also make sure your driver’s license is current, and hire a car that is suitable for all of you. If you need a people carrier get that booked in advance, and don’t try to pack everybody into a small family saloon.

A car is specifically recommended in order that you enjoy your vacation in Malaga to the full and is the reason that for your car rental Malaga Airport is by far the best place to arrange to collect your car. You can drive straight to your hotel without any problems about trying to arrange a vehicle when you get here, because one thing is sure: if you don’t have a car to travel around in, public transport is not satisfactory for touring and your vacation in Malaga will suffer because of it.

Pungky Dwiasmoro Hiswardhani

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