Car Rental In Manama – 3 Basic Requirements For Hiring A Car From Licenses To Road And Traffic Sense

Average Rental Costs And Driving License Prerequisites

A run of the mill car rental in Manama will charge you an average of BD15 ($40) for renting a vehicle for a day. However, this is just the going price and you can strike sweeter deals if you rent the vehicle for longer durations. Before you go to rental services, make sure that you are carrying an International driver’s license, as foreign licenses hold no value within the city. GCC (Gulf Countries Council) license holders, however, are allowed to drive in the country on their existing driving permit.

Traffic Rules

After having got provisional possession of the vehicle from the car rental agency, the next step is to observe road rules. Traffic rules make it mandatory for front seat occupants to wear a seat belt. If caught violating, then a fine of BD10 ($25) will be slapped on you. Drunk driving is an absolute no-no! While consuming alcohol at select places is not considered an offense for Non-Muslims, however, you will go to prison if found driving under the influence of alcohol!

Road Rules

Stick to speeds of 60 km/hr on service lanes and 120 km/hr on highways. This is an accepted norm in Manama even though you will see many defying it brazenly. Most drivers do not wait for more than a few seconds to change lanes after they have switched on their indicators, even during turns. So, if you notice somebody ahead of you, indicating a lane change, then, slow down. Give that driver the space, as he is sure to barge in or out the next instant!

Pungky Dwiasmoro Hiswardhani

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