Cars That Run On Water Fuel – How Is It Possible To Run Your Car on Tap Water

For centuries, we know that cars or other vehicles can only run on fossil fuel. However, recently, there have been an uproar in around the world, claiming that now, with the latest technology, it is possible to modify your car engine to run your car on water. This revolutionary idea, is using water as fuel. Everyone, including me and you, must be wondering, turning water into fuel, is totally ridiculous. It is a scam, or is it just an urban legend? Is converting water to fuel possible?

In my honest opinion, I do believe that it is possible to run your car on tap water. People who are reading this will say that I’m fantasizing, however, I will tell you that I’m not. In fact, it is you who are not understand with the scientific prove behind this. Upon research, I have found that scientists have been trying to use water as fuel for centuries. From the era of alchemist until today. However, there are only tremendous progress in the past 20 years, due to the extensive research in the Project Energy or the Project Deuterium.

Today, scientists have discovered an easy way to use water as motor fuel by electrolysis. Even though the technology has not been commercialized, it is indeed possible to use water as fuel for cars today. The scientists have found that by easily tweaking and modifying your car engine and fuel tank, you can actually use the car battery to convert water (H2O) into a flammable gas called Brown Gas or Oxyhydrogen (HHO). This flammable gas will be able to provide the energy to move your car. Therefore, it is indeed true that it is possible to run your car on water, given that you know how to modify your car.

Pungky Dwiasmoro Hiswardhani

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