Water For Gas – HHO Conversion Made Easy

When you make the conversion kit, which I will discuss later, your car is producing HHO Gas. This is also known as Browns gas or OxyHydrogen. This gas comes from the water which has gone through a process Called electrolysis.

Is there a danger of blowing the car up?

you will know from your science classes that hydrogen is highly flammable that is one of the reasons the conversion kit is different from what you have heard. The Browns gas is produces at a very steady and slow rate so there is no danger of the gas building up.

Why is this technology not widely used?

Ask your local government. Imagine if nobody was using Diesel or petrol to fill up their cars where would the government make all the money up from?

This technology has been known for over a hundred years, read up on Nikola Tesla and how he discovered water could be used as a fuel. this knowledge was hidden away for obvious reasons.

Here are just some reasons to buy a conversion kit

* You can save up to 50{27e8b423779a20fcbf3b0e5b78622daa9462ccff634cf59ab338bb6c41129d17} on your fuel costs and save thousands every year.

* Everybody is going green these days and this technology is very green as it reduces CO2 output

* As there is less CO2 residue in the engine your engine performance will improve dramatically

* Noise levels in your car will decrease

* It will cost you less on maintaining your car

* in some places you will get a tax break for buying greener more environmentally friendly fuel

* The engine in your car will last a lot longer.

The conversion kit is such an easy process that you can do it all on your own, even if you have little mechanical skills. All the parts you will need for the engines modification, are available in in your local shop and in general won’t cost more than $60. This process is completely reversible and will not affect the warranty on your car.

Some of the things you will need are: baking soda, a sealed quart size container, electrical wiring, some vacuum hose and of course water. To separate the water molecules into hydrogen and oxygen, you will have to pass an electrical current from your cars battery into the water. After that, the Oxyhydrogen that has been produced will be introduced into your cars manifold.

Once you have modified your own car you can help to modify other peoples cars and even make a small business out of this technology.

Thousands of people around the world have already started using HHO as a fuel.

You too can benefit from this technology.

Pungky Dwiasmoro Hiswardhani

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