Tips For Auto Detailing As a Business

Tips For Auto Detailing As a Business

Starting an auto detailing business? Here are some equipment tips for getting off to a smooth start. Having the right equipment is essential for any business, and it is the same for your new auto detailing business. Many detailers choose to pull a trailer with all the equipment contained inside. I have seen open trailers but I prefer a closed trailer for security reasons. A pickup truck also works well. I used an Avalanche for a few years because of the fact that the bed covers hid everything from sight.

The tank you choose is going to be based on how many autos you intend to do in between filling up your spot free water. Each car should use 10 gallons or less. A small 65 gallon tank will usually work great for a days work with 6 or 7 cars on the schedule.

The pump is where you will spend a good portion of your money. You want one with a psi that will be strong enough to knock things off of a car but not so strong that it will peel the paint. Usually 1500– 1800 psi will work the best.

A portable generator will be required if you plan to detail at office parks, golf courses, shopping centers or any place that an extension cord will not give you access to an outlet for operating the Vac or the buffer.

Micro Fiber towels are very important to have when detailing. Only use a towel on one car then use a new one for the next car. 10-15 towels is enough to get you through a day of car washes. Wash them all by themselves and not with any other laundry. Never use fabric softener on these types of towels.

A micro fiber sponge and a 5 gallon bucket will work best for your soap and water. Remember to use the same spot free water you use to spray and rinse your cars in the soap bucket.

A stiff tire brush with a 24 inch handle is used to scrub the wheels and tires. For the shiny tires you want to use a petroleum based product. The tires can be sprayed on with this and then wiped off with a small tire sponge.

For vacuuming a 15 gallon shop vac is good and convenient. It is possible to find one with a blower included so you can blow water from the door handles, grill and wheels.

Having a buffer is not a requirement. If you plan on offering this service Dewalt makes a good one that is great for taking out small scratches left by shopping carts and other vehicles. as long as the scratch is not down to the metal it can be buffed in a few minutes.

Auto parts stores are not the best place to go when looking to purchase all the things you will need. Look in your area for a cleaning supply store. Many of them will have an area that caters to detailers. You can also get any miscellaneous chemicals that you would like to carry in addition to your soap, wax, and tire shine.

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