Starting At the Beginning – A Brief Overview Of Car Covers

You may have heard that there are different types of car covers, and you’re right. There are various materials which provide different types of protection at varying levels. There are also three different sizes.

What material to get is very much based on where you live, and where you will be storing your vehicle. There is more than one climate and weather condition across the globe. Companies that manufacture the covers, such as Coverking and Covercraft, appreciate this and have therefore got a selection suited to different climates. Some will be particularly waterproof, but not have such good uv protection, or vice versa. There are also all-rounder type of covers, that are call ‘all weather car covers’. These will give a good amount of shielding to all weather conditions, but not excel in any particular area.

When storing your car outdoors, you will need a lot more protection than if it were stored in a garage. Your vehicle will be exposed to a lot more outdoors and therefore needs that extra amount of protection. However, if you keep your car indoors, why pay for all that protection, if you won’t need it. Whilst you still have to protect and shield your car from dust and the like, even when kept indoors, there’s no need for you to pay for protection against snow etc. Therefore you can buy a cover that is specifically for the indoors, and it will be cheaper for you.

The sizing of the covers is split into three categories; universal, semi-custom, and custom. Universal will fit onto any car, big or small (trucks are a separate size) and will protected them. The biggest advantage of this is that the cover can lent and borrowed to any friend or family member. You also don’t need to get a new one when you get a new car, and naturally, it is a lot cheaper one like this. The downside is that it will never fit any car perfectly. It will either too big and baggy, or a just fit, that may leave some parts peaking out. Therefore the protection provided is not at it’s best.

Custom covers are tailor made for you and your car. The exact shape and size is taken into account when being made, and they will even make mirror pockets. The cover will be a snug fit maximising the protection provided. Owners can elect the colour and design of the cover, including personalising it by putting a logo on the front. Such covers are very snazzy to have but are also the most expensive.

A nice in between the two is the semi-custom cover. These are covers that are made to fit a group of cars that are of similar shape and size. The fit is therefore more exact than a universal cover, but not as perfect as the custom. The protection is good enough, and the price not too high. Whilst it may not look as classy as the custom, it definitely looks respectable enough.

Pungky Dwiasmoro Hiswardhani

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