How to Hire a Wedding Car

Wedding car hire

Unsurprisingly it’s the groom’s duty to organise transportation. We will describe the main routes for all wedding parties and then describe some cars you can hire for the wedding with examples for each of the journeys.

Typically there are four main routes you need to consider for wedding transportation and they are as follows:

1. Getting the bridal party to the ceremony

As most know the bride tends to prepare herself at her parents’ home on the morning of her wedding day and travels to the ceremony in the same car as her father. For this journey people tends to choose an executive car.

2. Getting the groom and best man to the wedding

Traditionally the majority of grooms are driven to the wedding venue by their best man. Most aim to be at the venue at least 30 minutes before the ceremony.

3. Getting you and your bride from the wedding to the reception

If the reception is the same as the wedding location then this point is not relevant however if there is a drive to then we recommend either an executive or vintage car.

4. Getting you and your wife from the reception to the marriage bed.

One thing’s for sure after the consumption of a lot of champagne you won’t be driving. You’ll probably end the evening with an executive minicab.

Which car to choose for your wedding

In general classic car hire is the costliest but also one of the most stunning (just look at William who drove Kate to his venue in a vintage Aston Martin). Traditional cars include classic convertibles like the elegant Beauford. Luxurious contemporary motors such as the Rolls Royce Phantom or Bentley Arnage will get you to the wedding in pure comfort and style. When it comes to sports cars you could go for a Ferrari or Lamborghini to dazzle the bride… and the guests. Finally you could go with something unique such as a stretched limo from the likes of Hummer and Audi.

There are 100s of companies throughout the UK that specialise in car rental for weddings – just perform a simple search in Google. It’s also worth checking what extras you get from car wedding hire companies. Most luxury car companies include a knowledgeable chauffeur who will be on hand to assist you during your trip. Some companies even throw in a glass of bubbly to start the night.

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