Cargo Van Storage – Three Tips for Cable Technician Safety

Cargo Van Storage – Three Tips for Cable Technician Safety

Proper cargo van storage is critical for someone who has a cable installation technician job. You need to keep up with technology, find the parts and components you need fast, and get systems up and working quickly. An organized cargo van is an essential element of effective installation work.

As a cable installer, you need to deal with many sizes of ladders, cable spools, converter boxes, cable taps, drills, saws, monitors, scopes, traffic cones, and more. Concentrate on three areas of your technician van to store all this cable stuff, and the organization will help keep you safe and efficient.

Organize Cable Reels in a Holder for Optimal Cargo Van Storage

One of the easiest ways of inviting a trip hazard inside your work van is to leave all the spools of cable lying around on the floor. Eventually, they can unravel, get caught on other tools or equipment, and create a tripping point as you move around inside your van.

An easy solution is to store your spools of cable in a cable reel holder, which will also help you get the cable out for the job. Cable spools nest inside conveyor rollers or across adjustable bars, allowing you to reel out the amount of cable you need. The spools are easily secured with tie down chains to eliminate loose cable while traveling. And, cable reel holders can be installed near the doors of your van, making your work more efficient.

Ladder Racks Maximize Your Cargo Van Storage

Safety is a priority in cable TV service, and it begins with properly loading and unloading the equipment from your van, especially the ladders you will need for each job. Injuries occur because of unsafe lifting and loading movements. When you have to unload and load a ladder from your van repeatedly throughout the day, it can potentially cause back strain, if not done correctly.

There are ladder racks designed to make unloading easier, especially the newer drop-down ladder racks that lower the ladder from the top of your vehicle. This type is becoming popular for cable technicians because of the numerous times they use a ladder throughout the day. A drop-down ladder rack reduces the potential for injury, and increases efficiency because it brings the ladder down to a position where it can be grasped and moved from the vehicle safer and quicker.

Cargo Van Storage Should Include Safety Equipment

First aid equipment, a fire extinguisher, reflective flares, and hard hats – all of these are necessary for on-the-job accessibility. The trouble is, sometimes these are kicked around inside the van, locked inside the cab, or not stored where they can be found quickly. Planning your cargo van storage areas will ensure these items are always accessible.

Modularizing the design of your cargo van can eliminate clutter and confusion when an emergency happens and you need to find the right equipment. If your fire extinguisher or flares are stored in a designated place designed to house specifically that item, you will know where to retrieve them when you’re in a hurry.

Small items can be safely stored inside drawer units, on designated shelves, and organized in a way that keeps you efficient.

Pungky Dwiasmoro Hiswardhani

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